Design of automated control systems with a very wide range of application areas and degree of automation. Ability to design from small single-process machines to complete production from raw material to finished product. Consultations in the preparation of the design assignment and proposals for optimizing the processes.


Development of automation systems using modern primary converters, data transmission systems and executive mechanisms. Process management is accomplished with controllers from leading manufacturers, as the programs are written with the possibility of subsequent modifications and changes in the event of a change in production organization or changed requirements for the systems.

Intelligent solutions for process visualization and control.

From small local panels for inputting parameters and obtaining process information to large scaled in control rooms and operator stations for complete management of production processes. Alarm processing, system access control and parameter archiving, as well as remote access capabilities and SMS AND Email notification.

Construction of monitoring systems

Construction of monitoring systems for remote monitoring and control of parameters, selected by the customer using a standard web browser. No additional software needs to be installed on the client computer. You can monitor and change the parameters of the production process from anywhere in the world and from any computer. You only need to have access to the internet.

Reconstruction and modernization of existing machines and systems.

In the process of work and under the influence of time and external factors, the primary converters, executive mechanisms, as well as the controllers themselves defect or change their parameters. Finding spare parts becomes a very difficult and expensive process, and sometimes impossible. We can reconstruct your machines and systems, using modern solutions, new software and very often modification and optimization of the existing one at work.

Repair and maintenance of existing machinery and equipment in industrial processes.

Carrying out emergency and planned repairs. Delivery of necessary spare parts and their replacement. Maintenance of the operability of machines and equipment and their normal and safe operation.